Digital printing is the direct printing of computer files on paper, which is an
innovative new printing technology different from the complicated traditional
printing process.
This process allows for orders as small as one-piece.
Since platemaking is not required, the turnaround time between concept to
production is drastically reduced.
Also, errors, if any, can be corrected instantly.
Variable and on-demand printing is available.
Digital printing realizes printing output anytime, anywhere and remotely without
time constraint or space limitation.
With digital printing, the complicated processes of traditional offset printing may
be avoided.
The customer may bring actual printed articles to meeting, bidding, or commercial
negotiation, Instead of relying on prototypes or renderings!
Digital printing caters to the need for commercial products requiring high speed to market, allowing for much quicker editing and revisions.

In 2018,XJL completed installation of the most technologically advanced printing system. This system is anchored by the Digital Heidelberg Primefire
106 printing machine, the first to be installed in Asia. It is complemented by a
powerful supporting post process line, a cold foil stamping machine, a glueless laminating machine, and a laser die-cutting machine.

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